Area of focus

Food Recalls

When a food company experiences a crisis― a foodborne disease outbreak, possible bioterrorism threat, product recall, food product tampering, government enforcement activity, or even a natural disaster―it needs a multidisciplinary approach to crisis management. Along with the disaster comes allegations and blame, and you can often be faced with calls for government action or congressional or agency scrutiny. You need quick assessments and careful responses, and you need damage control.

Representative experience

Guided and limited the scope of recall initiatives undertaken by food and consumer products manufacturers regulated by the FDA, the Department of Agriculture, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Advised major international food manufacturers and distributors on training in-house employees on best practices of crisis management and recalls.

Represented large food manufacturer after a massive recall due to listeria monocytogenes, advising the company throughout the recall and the reopening of several facilities.

Represented a major food manufacturer that received product that had the potential to be contaminated with undeclared milk.

Worked closely with multiple companies after a recall to help them develop the programs and procedures to support the resumption of operations.

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