Representative experience

Routinely conduct due diligence of FDA and foreign regulatory law for a wide variety of corporate clients involved in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and other types of financings to corporate acquisitions.

Frequently help draft and revise the regulatory sections of security disclosure documents for many of our public company clients.

Conducted U.S. due diligence on FDA, intellectual property, and antitrust issues for a major pharmaceutical client's billion dollar, multinational acquisition of a major pharmaceutical product.

Provided U.S. and EU regulatory due diligence for numerous clients, including investment firms considering investments or loans to non-client companies with novel products.

A product considered for acquisition by an animal health industry client was at high risk of never being approved or having a major delay due to the sponsor needing to conduct in-depth environmental assessments.

Evaluated a proposed purchase of a veterinary medicinal product from the standpoint of EU and United Kingdom regulatory law.