UPC Invitation Jurisdiction, Opt-Out and Brussels-Regulation

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With the unitary patent and the Unified Patent Court, the biggest change in European patent law since the adoption of the European Patent Convention (EPC) 50 years ago is currently on the horizon. In the new system, the unitary patent will be available to users of the patent system as another option to protect their technical innovations. This also means that the previous filing strategies of patent holders do not work any longer and need to be amended. Therefore, we will discuss with you in the first part of this webinar considerations to take into account for filing strategies, including but not limited the costs for the unitary patent.

Moreover, the Unified Patent Court will not only have jurisdiction over unitary patents, but will also displace the national court system with respect to European patents after a transition period. This means however that during the transitional period of the first 7 years the Unified Patent Court as well as the national courts have alternative jurisdiction in patent cases which allows different strategic litigation decisions. In the second part of this webinar, we therefore cover these applicable options during the transition period.

Lastly, the European Patent Office will remain the issuing authority for the classic European patents as well as the unitary patents so we examine in more detail the relationship of the proceedings before the Unified Patent Court and the European Patent Office.

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