Citizenship Month Celebrations in Hong Kong

October 2014 was Citizenship Month at Hogan Lovells and a number of events took place across our offices worldwide, showcasing our commitment to good citizenship. Our Hong Kong office undertook a number of initiatives throughout the month, with highlights including soap recycling with HandsOn Hong Kong and a beach clean-up on Lamma Island.

A group of volunteers travelled to Kwai Chung to take part in an afternoon of soap recycling. Volunteers witnessed first-hand the sheer amount of soap that is thrown away by hotels every day. After a considerable amount of elbow grease by the volunteers, 600 bars worth of soap were recycled. These were then packed up to be deployed to areas in need.

A further group of volunteers collected two dozen bags full of rubbish on Lamma Island to help to restore Shek Pai Wan beach to its natural beauty. Rubbish collected included plastic, foam debris, shards of glass, bottles, cans, and even a large abandoned sail.

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