Fashionable Fundraiser to Benefit Touch Charities

On 28 January 2014, a group of Year 9 pupils (aged 14) from the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school in Islington organized and ran a 'swishing' event in our London office. Swishing is where people donate nice, clean, presentable clothes that are perhaps hidden at the back of their wardrobes. These are then put up for sale in aid of charity, with colleagues from the office invited to search the rails for a bargain.

The students from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) arranged the whole event, producing promotional materials, organizing and displaying the donations, and hosting the event on the evening.

There was a lot of interest from our bargain-hunting colleagues at Atlantic House, with queues forming at the till. With their help, the EGA girls were able to raise £1,049.55. This amount will be donated to both the global and local Touch charities Lendwithcare through Care International and London's Air Ambulance.

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