Striving for an inclusive society

We partner with the global entrepreneurship organization SINGA, which strives for an inclusive society that embraces diversity and for an innovative economy that allows everyone, regardless of their background, to realize their professional and social potential.

One of SINGA's offerings for migrants are SINGA Business Labs which are inclusive incubators, co-created with newcomer entrepreneurs to support them to bring their business ideas to life. We organized an online pro bono legal workshop for SINGA Business Lab participants in Germany to help accelerate their businesses.

Another element is SINGA's ProBuddies! program that brings together young newcomers with locals and offers training opportunities for orientation, career entry and personal development. Through a Europe-wide fundraising initiative, we donated €10.000 in order to enable a further round of the program.  Our partnership with SINGA continues to grow in Germany, France and Italy.

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