Why we work with women

For all the talk of progress, women remain the single-largest untapped economic driver in the global economy. Significant studies have found that trends toward gender equality have slowed and even reversed in recent years. Watch our one minute video to find out how we are challenging the status quo.

The recent Global Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum found that women are indeed losing ground in the workplace. “Given the continued widening of the economic gender gap, it will now not be closed for another 217 years,” the report states.

Disrupting this trend and igniting the global economy through women is an obvious benefit and lies at the heart of our three year partnership with Barefoot College, an organization working on four continents in ultra poor communities by training and empowering women.

“To understand why we engage with Barefoot College is really to get to grips with the issue of gender equality,” says Yasmin Waljee, International Pro Bono Director.

What I found very interesting,” says Susan Bright, Regional Managing Partner, UK and Africa, “is the concept that Barefoot College has of taking one person and really investing in that one person and the knowledge that that investment will spread right round through the community.”

As we’ve seen throughout the first year of this partnership, empowering women in last mile communities is good citizenship. But it’s also good business.

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