Flip the Switch

Barefoot College is our global Citizenship partner and the subject of Flip the Switch – A Documentary. It is a leading social enterprise working in nearly 100 countries, and its work with women addresses many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including efforts to alleviate poverty, climate change, and gender inequality.

Our three-year partnership to empower women and girls globally aims to bring clean, renewable light to 20,000 more families by training 400 Solar Mamas across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific Islands. We want to use the power of storytelling to inspire impactful collaborations focused on making a better world for all.

  • Empowering women and girls around the world
  • Inspiring multi-sector partnerships as a critical collaborative approach to systemic change
  • Combating ultra-poverty by supporting women as the change-makers

We envision the film as a magnet that attracts others from around the world to create the force necessary for real change. To that end, we invite you to incorporate the film into an existing event or host a panel, a viewing, or a breakout session. Together we can #fliptheswitch.

Contact Debra Hay, Corporate Responsibility Manager

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