Booklet Advises Girls Who Wish to Play Sport on Their Rights

In consultation with a number of human rights NGOs, a team in our London office worked on a booklet titled "Your Right to Play Sport," advising girls and young women on the rights and protections available under the South African constitution for girls and women who wish to play sport. The booklet will be used by Coaching for Hope to train around 60 coaches, and will reach 6,000 girls living in South Africa.

Young women who play sports are often the targets of misogynistic and homophobic abuse and violence in South Africa. This can result in practices such as "corrective rape," an issue that received heightened press attention following the rape and murder of the national South African footballer, Eudy Simelane, in 2008.

Coaching for Hope is a nongovernmental organization that uses football as a tool to deliver vital education on issues such as HIV prevention and human rights for young women in Africa. It provides training to local youth football coaches who deliver the program in areas where young people are most at risk.

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