The art of debating: teaching students to take a stand

Clear arguments, convincing choice of words, and skillful conversation. Colleagues across Germany are delivering collaboration with local schools and Teach First Germany aims to develop young people's ability to lead a discussion and take a stand.

Debate It! has taken place at our offices across Germany for more than five years. Around 600 students in grades 8 or 9 already took part in Debate It! at the firm's four locations in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. Each competition is preceded by around three months of training with weekly teaching units in which free speech, a convincing demeanor and skillful argumentation are trained.

The final debate in front of a high-level jury consisting of Hogan Lovells partners and corporate clients debating topical issues. The winning teams and runners-up receive prizes and can sometimes take advantage of other offers from the firm such as student internships. We receive consistent feedback that Debate It! makes a significant contribution to the personal development of the young people.

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