Engaging young people in Hong Kong

ENGAGE is a six-month English mentoring program led by local NGO, Community Business. The organization targets secondary students aged between 14-18 from disadvantaged backgrounds. ENGAGE aims to alleviate poverty by empowering participating students to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and achieve upward social mobility.

We show our support for the program in a variety of ways, including as mentor sponsors, delivering company exploration sessions, and providing venue support for mentee training. We also participate in the five-day summer internship in which students are paired with a senior lawyer to conduct a legal research project to get a real life taster for legal work as well as a visit to court. Students receive presentation and communication skills training which they put into practice with their final presentations to their partner supervisor.

One of the goals of ENGAGE is to inspire students; to raise career aspirations by enriching their skills and knowledge in future career planning and development. These experiences make a real contribution to their goals.

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