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Important decision from the Supreme Administrative Court [NSA]: Tax Authorities are now required to assess the correctness of the statistical classification in tax rulings.

The Supreme Administrative Court has confirmed that the Director of the National Fiscal Information Bureau will now be required to assess the correctness of the statistical classification...


German public building law

Public building law plays an important role in the context of real estate development and transactions. Hogan Lovells offers extensive expertise in the field of German Building Law. This...


R&W insurance: a valuable catalyst for real estate transactions

The representations and warranties insurance (“R&W insurance”) is an increasingly universal feature in M&A deals. As real estate transactions have become more complex,...

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Investment outlook 2018: Transaction and deal trends in the GCC

Gulf economies and markets have transformed in many ways in response to three years of low oil prices, new regional leadership and a global world order in flux. The tougher fiscal...

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Poland tax news - February 2018

Check out our Tax Alert for news regarding transfer pricing documentation, clarifications from the Tax Authorities, and Court decisions in tax-related cases.

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Real estate alert: The ban on Sunday and holiday trading has become law

The ban on trading on Sundays will be progressively introduced in Poland by the Act on Restricting Trade on Sundays, Holidays, and certain other Days (the "Act"). The Act will come into...

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PropTech: Exploring the future impact of tokenization, smart contracts, and blockchain on the commercial real estate industry

Historically commercial real estate was stuck in the Stone Age. Traditionally, ownership and encumbrancing regarding the properties have been kept in paper formats — some of which may ...


Preferential principles of taxation concerning authors

Check out our Tax Alert for news regarding preferential principles of taxation concerning authors (including employee - authors) following the amendment to the regulations.

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