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New Engineering of old challenges

In this Talking Point, we look at the legal status of the Project Manager's assessment under the NEC3, as well as the duties and roles of factual and expert witnesses. This case is of...

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What's on the radar for Dutch real estate?

The Netherlands remains a highly interesting destination for real estate investors.

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What are the legislative changes affecting 3D printing in European real estate?

The European Parliament has asked the Commission to develop a legislative proposal for how a legal regime for 3D printing could look in Europe.

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What does the UK government's electric car strategy mean for real estate?

With the ban on new petrol and diesel cars from 2040, it is estimated that two-thirds of vehicles on UK roads will be electric by 2050. On 9 July 2018, the government published its Road to...

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Navigating co-working

Flexible offices are definitely the future for businesses looking to avoid a long-term commitment. But ensuring that you fully understand your rights is essential.

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Taxing times

Investors acquiring, holding or selling real estate in the UK, Germany, France and the US will all be affected by significant changes in taxation policy.


German public building law

Public building law plays an important role in the context of real estate development and transactions. Hogan Lovells offers extensive expertise in the field of German Building Law. This...

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Hot legal topics in Germany real estate

The German real estate market remains highly attractive to investors. While office investment remains the largest sector in commercial real estate, there has been a growth in the volume of...

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