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South Africa: Raw sewerage continues to flood major river

The South African Department of Water and Sanitation has set aside ZAR341 million for the resuscitation of all wastewater treatment infrastructures in the Vaal Triangle. 

Untreated sewerage from three water treatment plants has continued to flow into the Vaal River, causing blocked drains and flowing into the local community's homes and streets.

Water Affairs Minister Gugile Nkwinti said this month that the East Rand Water Care Company, will ensure that all wastewater treatment infrastructure is resuscitated to an operational state and that pollution in the Vaal River is stopped.

ESI Africa, 9 April 2019

Near-miss "Day Zero" should serve as lesson to water-scarce South Africa

Cape Town’s severe drought experienced in 2017 and 2018 and the near miss of Day Zero should serve as a warning to other cities about what climate impacts might look like in future, a new study warns.

However, many other metropolitan municipalities, such as Gauteng, eThekwini and Nelson Mandela Bay, besides others, have been, and still are, facing water resource stress points.

Engineering News, 12 April 2019

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