Total Brand Care: Brand, mission and positive social influence

The world is changing. Brand value, revenue, cost of capital and talent retention are increasingly driven by those brands that successfully position themselves as positive social influencers. A new generation of conscious consumers, investors and organizations are looking to partner with brands that reflect their own values and beliefs. This means that successful brands must integrate social purpose into everything they do – from investment in the local community to reducing their carbon footprint around the world. Understanding and embracing this societal trend is critical to a brand's success.

In Episode Five of our Total Brand Care series, Nicola Evans and Adrian Walker (Partners, London) talk to James Nurton about the importance of integrity and authenticity when it comes to social impact; why incorporating a positive social mission into your core identity is attractive for investors; and how CrowdReg is empowering consumers to shape business practices and ethics.

Watch the full clip below.

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