Selective distribution, luxury goods and online platform restrictions – the aftermath of the Coty judgment

In its Coty Germany c. Parfumerie Akzente decision dated 6 December 2017, the Court of Justice reiterated the conditions of application of Article 101 TFEU to selective distribution agreements based on qualitative criteria.

The Court also ruled for the first time on the prohibition to resell products on online platforms that is sometimes stipulated in this context. The present set of articles brings in the experience of perfumes selective distributors themselves and sheds light, both from the legal and economic angle, on the key developments of this decision.

Nathalie Jalabert-Doury, Laurent Eymard, Jeremy Bernard, Gianni De Stefano, Salomé Cisnal De Ugarte, William Koeberlé, Marie Blanchard, Giovanni Labate, James Harvey, Arrêt Coty : Distribution sélective sur internet et interdiction de vente, mai 2018, Revue Concurrences N° 2-2018, Art. N° 86625,

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