Product Lifecycle Analysis Tool (PLAN)

The Hogan Lovells Consumer team has developed a new Product Lifecycle Analysis Tool (PLAN) to help companies bring their product to market in the UK. The interactive PLAN tool is designed to take you through every stage of product development, from the initial idea through production and to after-market service. We look at each step of the product development process, outlining what you can expect, and how our team can help you with a successful launch.

The tool walks you through seven stages of the Product Lifecycle –

  • Idea
  • Market analysis
  • Business development
  • Product development
  • Production
  • Marketing and launch
  • After market service

Click on each stage to learn more about how we understand your situation, and how effectively we can respond to it.

No matter what stage of product development you are at, we have legal advice and solutions to meet your needs. If you have a new product, we have the PLAN.

Product Lifecycle Analysis Tool

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