Post-pandemic antitrust - what to expect and what to do

The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 came as a global shock. Its ripple effects on the economy, trade, travel as well as individual freedoms and society as a whole were - and in many ways still are – strongly felt and widely reported. What went largely below the public radar, however, was the fact that the pandemic also put a spanner in the works of antitrust enforcement and, for quite some time, brought matters to a grinding halt in many jurisdictions. Thanks to the availability of effective vaccines, we might now be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel – which, in turn, gives rise to the question: what must companies expect in antitrust enforcement pandemic recedes?

In this article, Hogan Lovells’ Global Cartel Investigations Group sketches out its views on likely trends in post-pandemic antitrust that are expected to shape antitrust enforcement in the coming years and what this means for companies. This is based on the bundled expertise and trend-spotting efforts of our Global Cartel Investigations Group at Hogan Lovells, distilled into key topics which translate to six capabilities companies around the globe should leverage to successfully navigate the post-pandemic world of antitrust.

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First published on the Global Competition Review website, July 2021

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