Impact of COVID-19 on hotel lease agreements

The effects of the coronavirus on the global economy cannot yet be foreseen, but the hotel industry is already suffering from mass cancellations and a sharp decline in booking numbers. Many operators are therefore considering temporarily closing hotels or reducing rents in order to at least reduce running costs.

What is the basic situation regarding the closure of hotel operations by the tenant? Can the landlord insist on a duty to operate/pay rent? What are the exceptions?

We give you practical recommendations on how to cope with the current situation and prepare for the future. 

>> COVID-19: Crisis-related exclusion of termination right on landlords takes effect

>> Default of rent payment due to the COVID-19 pandemic – Tenant easement at risk?

>> Shutdown of hotel operations due to COVID-19 "Corona Virus" - Force Majeure?

>> Hotel lease agreements – Reduction of rent – Force Majeure?

>> Corona virus as a force majeure event in hotel lease agreements

>> Hotel contracts - Deferred or suspended rent due to Corona

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