Global Bribery and Corruption Outlook 2019

The increased reach of anti-bribery and corruption laws and regulations can be seen around the world. Rising fines and sanctions are creating greater liabilities and more complex regimes.

Our Global Bribery and Corruption Outlook explores these trends, and outlines what you can expect for 2019.

Our analysis reveals heavier penalties and longer sentences around the world. The total level of fines in 2018 doubled. In the U.S. the increase in fines was particularly big, with fines increasing by 80% in 2018, to over $6bn.

Enforcement agencies also handed out longer sentences, with the average length increasing by 35%. This was most noticeable in Asia, where individual prison sentences more than tripled from an average of one year in 2017 to three and a half years in 2018.

With this increase in regulatory scrutiny, it's more important than ever to keep up to date with any changes.

Read the outlook for our thoughts on some areas you should watch out for.

In our latest Litigation Lens On video Crispin Rapinet, Head of Investigations, White Collar, and Fraud, discusses the latest trends in bribery and corruption, the importance of having compliance programs in place, data-handling in the context of multi-jurisdictional investigations and more.

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