Fashion & Law Newsletter April 2014


  • Clarification in respect of validity and enforceability of trademarks protecting single brand elements (Levi Strauss' Tab device)
  • Likelihood of confusion between figurative marks "SEVEN" and word mark "SEVEN FOR ALL MANKIND"
  • Are beauty and fashion really so incompatible? Case-law denies similarity between personal care goods and fashion goods despite market reality
  • Isabel Marant protects its brand online
  • Use of designations on t-shirts: Purely decorative or use as a trademark?
  • Mere decorative use rather than use as a trademark if symbol of average distinctiveness is used in an untypical manner on clothing
  • The Gucci vs Guess battle — invalidity of Gucci's "G" trademarks 
  • (Not so) Glamorous Chanel shirts
  • The Russian secret of "Lady in blue": the Hermitage vs. designer lya Yots before the newly established Russian Intellectual Property Court
  • Mr. Wills — a pheasant of distinction
  • The German Supreme Court on proof of ownership of an unregistered Community design
  • The French Supreme Court leaves a loophole for the possibility of protection of fragrances, but how big?
  • The German Supreme Court lowers requirements for copyright protection for works of applied arts 
  • Rihanna v Topshop

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