Doing business in Vietnam: Consumer sector

Vietnam is one of the most dynamic emerging markets in Southeast Asia.

A population of more than 96 million – 70 percent of whom are under the age of 35 – experiencing rapid and continuing growth in discretionary income has fueled a consumer spending boom that is expected to continue well into this decade. The middle class, which currently accounts for 13 percent of the population, is expected to double by 2026, and Vietnam's younger generation are rapid adopters of new technologies and voracious consumers of both goods and services.

Vietnam is the most globally connected country for trade with a trade to gross domestic product ratio of nearly 200 percent in 2019, and has positioned itself as both an attractive alternative and strategic hedge to China for manufacturing and exports in the region. With a stated goal of becoming one of the top 20 most competitive economies in the world by 2045, Vietnam's government is actively working to harness the potential of digital technologies across all sectors of the economy.

This Doing business in Vietnam publication, with a focus on the consumer sector, provides an overview of protection laws, product regulation, potential litigation concerns, intellectual property challenges, changing tariffs and customs, key data privacy matters, and other issues that could impact businesses looking to enter Vietnam consumer markets or conduct business in Vietnam.

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