Alternative lenders in France: current issues and opportunities

In a recent webinar for the Loan Market Association Michel Quéré, Alexander Premont and Baptiste Gelpi discussed the current issues and opportunities for non-bank lenders in the French syndicated loan market.

Intermediation by banking or financial institutions still represents 70% of financings in the French market however there is a growing but segmented alternative lender market with large corporates turning to financial markets and SMEs accessing other sources of funds, including crowdfunding.

The webinar covered the growing shift and in particular:

  • Market trends of the disintermediation in France
  • Non-bank lenders and the French monopoly rules
  • From Originate-to-Hold to Originate-to-Distribute
  • Financings by unregulated debt funds
  • Financings by insurance companies and regulated debt funds
If you have a subscription to the Loan Market Association that allows access to webinars, the accompanying presentation can be found here.

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