A Turning Point for Tech – Global survey on digital regulation

Technological developments and tech-based business models have become a focus for global regulation across borders and industries in recent years.

Successful tech companies can no longer rely only on the supremacy of their product or platform, the innovation of their R&D teams, or the marketing abilities of their sales people. Successful tech businesses need to understand how to navigate through the complex, and not always coherent, regulation that global law-makers are rolling out.

To understand more about the changing regulatory landscape, Hogan Lovells has undertaken its first global survey on proposed digital regulation.

Spanning the first six months of 2019 and covering 16 jurisdictions, the survey provides a comprehensive overview of publicly reported legislative activities and political discussions concerning tech companies. The survey looks into the future by monitoring announced initiatives, rather than focusing on existing regulation.

In addition to the detailed results from the survey, our report includes commentary from Hogan Lovells subject-matter experts from across the globe to provide context to the political discussions.

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