Juliana De Valdenebro Garrido selected as a North America Regional Representative for the ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF)

Awards & rankings | 05 August 2021

Hogan Lovells is pleased to announce that Miami law clerk Juliana De Valdenebro Garrido has been selected as one of the 89 YAF representatives for the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) YAF. The ICC YAF represents 7 regional chapters, including Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, North Asia, South Asia, Europe and Russia, Latin America, and North America. Juliana will serve the North America region from 2021-2023, and as an ambassador she will work with the ICC and the other YAF representatives to help shape the next generation of arbitration and ADR experts.

For more information, visit: https://bit.ly/3fx7fx8