Hogan Lovells partners with racial equity technology company Flair Impact

Hogan Lovells partners with racial equity technology company Flair Impact

Awards & rankings | 31 March 2022

We are pleased to announce that Global law firm Hogan Lovells will partner with Flair Impact, a racial equity technology company on a mission to create a world where all ethnicities can thrive. Hogan Lovells is the first law firm to partner with Flair Impact. Flair Impact's technology helps organisations measure and build racially equitable cultures. It provides leaders with the tools and metrics to regularly track a number of key areas, including racist behaviours; attitudes; levels of racial awareness; inclusion barriers; performance; pay; and recruitment. By taking a data-driven approach, organisations can implement impactful solutions and report on progress towards racial equity to employees, customers and investors - ensuring they are mitigating risk and reaping the rewards.

Partnership with Flair Impact will support us on our journey in continuing to build an inclusive organisation and improve the retention, progression and inclusion of our people from ethnic minority backgrounds. This is an exciting and innovative tool which will provide the firm with additional insights from data which hasn't been collected before. The survey includes situational judgment tests — putting people in situations where they’re witnessing forms of racism, and seeing how they respond — as well as questions around whether their ethnicity has ever been a barrier in the workplace and thereby acts as an educational intervention as well as a survey.

Based on the outcomes, Flair gives organisations a dashboard that visualises their performance and offers recommendations based on it. This analysis helps organisations identify racial bias, guide interventions and report on the impact of initiatives.

Working with Flair to gain greater insights into how our people feel about working with us is a further way in which we can continue progress to achieve our global target of 15% racial/ ethnic minority partners by 2025. This builds on our work to date with the launch of a dedicated race and ethnicity network REAHL, education to support our people with improving their race fluency, mentoring programmes including INCLUDED and our signing of the Race Fairness Commitment; a data-driven driven charter examining the recruitment and progression of black, ethnic minority and white employees and Change the Race Ratio focussing on greater racial and ethnic diversity at Board and Senior Leadership level.