Hogan Lovells announces launch of 2024 Elections Hub amid global election fever

Hogan Lovells announces launch of 2024 Elections Hub amid global election fever

Press releases | 05 June 2024

London and Washington D.C., 5 June 2024 - In a record election year, where two billion voters will be going to the polls around the world, never has it been more important for businesses to keep abreast of potential changes to policy that may be affected by new administrations and the impact this may have on the day-to-day operation of and future planning for their organizations.

Hogan Lovells will be closely monitoring election developments and outcomes as they unfold. On our 2024 Elections Hub we will share key insights and analysis on the impact for businesses and the opportunity for them to engage on important issues. 

Our presence in 45 offices across 6 continents, allows us to draw on our deep regulatory and sectoral experience to provide guidance that is specific to the local jurisdiction, but also globally informed for businesses that operate across borders and sectors. 

Deputy Head of the Global Regulatory and IPMT practice group, Charles Brasted said: “The outcome of the first European parliamentary elections since Brexit and the pandemic will weigh heavily on businesses if predictions of a move to the political right unfold in several countries. This will open the door to long-term regulatory reform that could have consequences for international trade, particularly in relation to policies on economic security and the green deal.  Our global perspective and local knowledge puts us in a unique position to advise clients across borders and across geographies as the election cycle unfolds.”

With the UK the most recent country to announce its election, the potential impact of political party manifestos and their associated policy pledges have been brought into sharp focus. 

London based partner, Julia Marlow said: “With the UK election fast approaching, businesses need to prepare for a potential shift in political leadership and be ready to adapt their strategic priorities according to new policies that could have an impact on commercial and regulatory issues post-election. Businesses that understand the machinery of government and the public law framework, through which such changes are formulated and made, will have a solid foundation to work from to create credible solutions.”

Washington D.C. based partner Aaron Cutler said: “Voters and businesses alike are acutely aware of the impact caused by geopolitical uncertainty and the resulting division and polarization across America. In the policy and regulatory environment I specialize in, we can expect reforms regardless of who wins the election and businesses need to be cognizant of that and act accordingly.”

The 2024 Elections Hub will provide comprehensive guidance with regular updates that respond to emerging issues and developments in the run-up to an election and in the transitioning of new administrations that have been voted into power.