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COP26: Business gets serious about climate change

As COP26 gets under way this week, it’s heartening to note that increasingly, corporates and investors are stepping forward to play their part in fighting climate change. If we are to ...

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Capital markets and climate change: odd bedfellows? Pratt's Energy Law Report (Vol. 21, No. 6) (LexisNexis A.S. Pratt)

In an article for Pratt's Energy Law Report (Vol. 21, No. 6), published by LexisNexis A.S. Pratt, Capital Markets senior associates Adam Lapidus and Philip Schuster argue that asset...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Offshore wind worldwide – Regulatory framework in selected countries

The offshore wind industry has and is continuing to flourish even in extraordinarily challenging times as experienced across the globe in 2020 and well into the first quarter of 2021,...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Legal compliance is critical for conglomerates as environmental risks evolve Diversified Industrials: Horizons

Even in an era of perceived deregulation in the United States, environmental stewardship and compliance remain important as legal risks evolve.

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