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Secondary portfolio sales: a guide to pension funds selling fund interests
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Despite a reduction in volume of secondary sales of fund interests in 2020, we are beginning to see an uptick in the volume of fund interest portfolio sales and it is likely that many...


Pension liberation: draft transfer regulations

The DWP has issued draft regulations for consultation, aimed at giving trustees greater powers to prevent transfers to receiving schemes which may be used for pension scams.


New offences, penalties, powers for the Pensions Regulator: what employers and trustees should know

After the Carillion and BHS debacles, the Pensions Regulator (tPR) announced it was going to be "clearer, quicker and tougher". The new Pension Schemes Act 2021 (the Act), which...


Increasing normal minimum pension age to 57: consultation

HM Treasury and HMRC are consulting on the implementation of the increase to normal minimum pension age (NMPA) from 55 to 57 from 2028. The consultation chiefly addresses how...


The Pensions Regulator's new powers: what lenders need to know

Following the insolvencies of Carillion and BHS and the associated fallout for the pension schemes they sponsored, the Pensions Regulator (tPR) announced it was going to be "clearer,...


Pensions Regulator: DB funding consultation – interim response

The Pensions Regulator has issued an interim response to its consultation last year on a revised defined benefit (DB) funding code. The consultation was issued in March 2020 but the...


DC: default fund charge cap and cost disclosure

The DWP has updated its consultation response in relation to the charge cap for defined contribution (DC) default funds and standardised cost disclosure.


Pension Schemes Bill: no retrospectivity for Regulator’s powers

The Pensions Minister has given some clarity on certain aspects of the Pensions Regulator’s new powers under Part 3 of the Pension Schemes Bill.


COVID-19: DC pension transfers where investment is gated

The Pensions Regulator has updated its COVID-19 defined contribution (DC) management and investment guidance by adding a section on dealing with transfer requests where all or part of the...

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