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Brazil’s Central Bank issues Social, Environmental and Climate Risks and Opportunities Report

The Central Bank of Brazil published a Report on Social, Environmental and Climate Risks and Opportunities in order to promote transparency, the availability of credit and sustainable...


"Scarcity" in modern economy
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“Scarcity” has become a menace for the global economy and many supply chains. Across all continents and industries. From steel and wood to luxury goods and...


EU Version of DIP Financing – discussion in light of the US Framework

The current transition out of the Covid-19 pandemic and withdrawal of financial support provided by governments to cope with the pandemic is likely to lead to an increasing stream of...


Negotiated settlements: New opportunities for Italian distressed businesses?

The conversion into statute on 23 October 2021 of the so-called Business Distress Bill adds new provisions to those recently adopted by the Italian government to address corporate distress...


Non-fungible tokens: NFTs and the silence of the EU legislator

You might expect that the European Commission, eager to act as an innovative regulator, would have non-fungible tokens, NFTs, firmly on their radar and to have dedicated a relevant...


National Security and Investment Act: Nearly time for curtains up

There are just over two months to go until the National Security and Investment (NSI) regime goes fully live in the UK – now is the time to ensure you are up to speed on how it will...


ESG Global Vision: An interactive global guide to ESG-related laws and regulations

ESG Global Vision is your interactive guide to laws and regulations on issues related to environmental, social, and governance issues worldwide.


Gun-jumping: The EU General Court calls the shots

The EU General Court has issued the latest judgment in a suite of hard-line anti-gun-jumping cases – effectively confirming the European Commission’s 2018 decision imposing a...


The Brazilian Legal Framework for Startups

On June 1, 2021, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed into law a new legal framework for startups and innovative entrepreneurship (Marco Legal das Startups or the...

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