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2021 outlook: developments in shareholder litigation

In addition to the 2021 securities, shareholder, and M&A litigation outlook, we have created a three-part podcast series to provide deeper analysis of several topics. Listen for...


Warranty and indemnity insurance - “do's" and “don’ts"
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Warranty and indemnity insurance (W&I) in recent years has become a customary aspect of private equity and other M&A transactions, with investors well aware of the deal-enabling...

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Navigating turbulence: Opportunities amid a deluge of disruption PLC Magazine

In a feature article for PLC Magazine, Peter Watts and Caitlin Weeks chart a course through the complex landscape facing businesses, where Brexit and COVID-19 are just the latest additions...

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Does an arbitration agreement protect a debtor from the threat of liquidation?
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In several Commonwealth jurisdictions, the corporate legislation allows creditors to petition a court to order the winding up of a debtor in circumstances where that debtor is unable to pay ...


COVID-19 and IT service provider contracts: a checklist for force majeure events

The COVID-19, and the various restrictions that have been implemented in response to it, are causing extraordinary business disruptions.

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UK | Remote hearings in the English courts – Learning points and pitfalls to avoid

We have recently successfully represented a client at a 3-day remote hearing relating to an application for specific disclosure. In line with the recent guidance from the Commercial Court,...

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Corporate / M&A Decisions Update

This update is designed to highlight selected important M&A, corporate, and commercial court decisions. Below is an update to a decision that we have been following. Please contact us...

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COVID-19 and the terms of existing contracts in Poland

The “business as usual” strategy, as adopted by many market players, allows for the minimisation of negative consequences and the avoidance of destabilisation. Nevertheless,...

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