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Global Payments Newsletter, June 2022

Key developments of interest over the last month include: UK Payment Systems Regulator announces two market reviews on card fees; Reserve Bank of India publishes Payments Vision 2025; and...


Lifting the state of epidemic - effects on economic entities

The state of epidemic for COVID-19 was introduced in Poland on 20 March 2020. As of 16 May 2022, the state of epidemic in Poland was lifted and replaced by the state of epidemic emergency....


Zniesienie Stanu Epidemii – Skutki Dla Podmiotów Gospodarczych

Stan epidemii w związku z COVID-19 wprowadzono w Polsce 20 marca 2020 roku. Z dniem 16 maja 2022 roku, stan epidemii w Polsce został zniesiony i zastąpiony stanem zagrożenia...


Prawa i obowiązki pracodawcy i pracownika wynikające z ustawy o obronie Ojczyzny

Wybuch wojny w Ukrainie stał się katalizatorem przyjęcia ustawy z dnia 11 marca 2022 r. o obronie Ojczyzny, która określa zasady realizowania powszechnego obowiązku obrony Ojczyzny,...


The rights and obligations of Employers and Employees arising from the Act on Homeland Defence

The outbreak of war in Ukraine has become the catalyst for the adoption of the Act of 11 March 2022 on Homeland Defence which defines the rules for the implementation of the universal duty...


Global Payments Newsletter, May 2022

Key developments of interest over the last month include: Queen's Speech 2022 announces forthcoming Financial Services and Markets Bill; European Commission consultations and calls for...


Cross-Border Investment Map

Cross-border investment continues to be an important theme in global real estate. To help you navigate some of the key questions which arise when investing in property, we have created an...


Snapshot of recent EU regulatory developments relevant to retail banking and payments

There has been a recent flurry of EU developments relating to a number of ongoing initiatives relevant to firms in the retail banking and payments sectors, including some movement on the...


Global Payments Newsletter, April 2022

Key developments of interest over the last month include: HM Treasury announces package of crypto measures including next steps on UK regulatory approach to cryptoassets, stablecoins and...

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