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Beware the Ides of March – practical considerations if your bank is failing

Everybody knows that, logically, banks can fail. Few expect them to. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the U.S.’s 16th largest bank, was closed on 10 March 2023, and the Federal ...


Foreign exchange - Hong Kong court orders winding up of listco already wound up in Cayman Islands

In another blow to the concept of "soft touch" provisional liquidation, the Court of First Instance has granted an ancillary winding up order against a Hong Kong listed company...


UK FCA portfolio letter to payments firms: compliance with safeguarding is ‘top priority’

The FCA has published a Portfolio letter setting out its priorities for payments and e-money firms amidst tightening economic conditions and the cost-of-living crisis. Among the three...


Development and the challenge of rising inflation: a European comparison

It’s almost impossible to escape stories of rocketing inflation and increasing costs globally. The development industry isn’t immune to these pressures but is there more...

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Carried interest schemes for asset managers
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During the last decade, the shape and source of capital flows and investment have fundamentally shifted. Private capital continues to flow into all asset classes including real estate,...


UK FCA final mortgage support guidance for firms assisting borrowers during cost of living crisis

The FCA has published its finalised guidance (FG23/2) for firms supporting their existing mortgage borrowers impacted by the rising cost of living. The FCA reiterates that the guidance...


ESG: The global energy crisis: a cross-border comparison

The International Energy Agency has said the world faces its first “truly global energy crisis” as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent restriction...

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Commercial Claims before the European Court of Human Rights: Another tool in the toolkit

Companies can bring human rights claims against States that are parties to the European Convention on Human Rights (the “Convention”) before the European Court of Human Rights...


Learning from Silicon Valley Bank

Many lessons will be learned from the failure of Silicon Valley Bank last weekend. The full story is unlikely to emerge for some time, but commentators have quickly reached a consensus on...

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