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Sustainable Products Regulations

Zero-emission mobility, storage of wind and solar energy, vast amounts of portable electronics – the demand for batteries is tremendous. Batteries are a crucial factor for the...


Why Mexico is attracting foreign investors considering nearshoring in the Americas?

Mexico is uniquely positioned to benefit foreign investors considering nearshoring. Not only Mexico’s geographical location in North America allures investors, but also its attractive ...


California’s second phase of CPRA rulemaking sets automated tools in the crosshairs

Businesses have until March 27, 2023, to respond to a series of questions from the California Privacy Protection Agency to inform its upcoming rulemaking on automated decision-making...


Securing Cyberspace: White House releases National Cybersecurity Strategy

The Biden Administration released its National Cybersecurity Strategy (Strategy) in an effort to reshape U.S. policy and priorities around cybersecurity for the public and private sectors,...


NIST prepares for Cybersecurity Framework 2.0, with increased focus on governance and supply chain

The US government continues to refine its influential cybersecurity guidance, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), with a substantial...


EU Data Act Series (part 3): medical and health devices and data sharing obligations

The Data Act Proposal envisages the rights of users of medical devices / health wearables to have access to and to share the data originated from the use of the device with third parties....


Recent developments in African data protection laws – Outlook for 2023

Africa is continuing to strengthen its data protection legal and regulatory framework. To date, thirty six out of fifty four African countries have data protection laws and/or regulations....

Published Works

UDRP panel shuts door on refiling in first element denial World Trademark Review

The complainant sought the transfer of ‘’ under the UDRP, relying on trademark applications for BODYNETIC in Australia and Singapore. The panel found that the...


Mexico | Artificial Intelligence as a tool for sustainability

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the combination of algorithms designed with the purpose of creating machines that present the same capabilities of human beings for decision making, problem...

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