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Spain to create Europe's first supervisory agency for artificial intelligence

The European Union is investing resources and issuing legal tools in order to foster the lawful and accountable use of artificial intelligence (AI). In Spain, the Government is also working ...


The digital Euro - taking shape in 2022

The European Central Bank (ECB) has just kicked off an “investigation phase” to explore different options for the digital Euro. This phase of detailed consideration for a...


Crypto-assets: How are they traded in Indonesia? BAPPEBTI Has Its Say

The worldwide emergence of cryptocurrencies has not escaped the Indonesian government's attention and it has announced its intention to regulate crypto-asset transactions. As the...


New cyber security and software update rules in the automotive industry in 2022

Cyber security and software updates are becoming increasingly important, particularly for companies in the automotive and mobility industry. Main drivers are particularly new...


EU and UK copyright - outlook for 2022
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2021 was a year packed full of key cases and legal developments across Europe and the UK on hot button copyright issues including: liability of platforms for hosting infringing content;...


Polish DPA says data subjects have the right to be informed about their behavioral profile

In a recent decision, the Polish Data Protection Authority ordered an online platform owner to inform the complainant (a platform user) about her behavioral profile which was assigned to...


"Scarcity" in modern economy
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“Scarcity” has become a menace for the global economy and many supply chains. Across all continents and industries. From steel and wood to luxury goods and...


New proposed privacy rules for global companies conducting business in Australia

The Australian Government has released draft legislation aimed at ensuring Australia’s privacy law remains well equipped to tackle the next digital era.


Spanish Implementation of Copyright Directive is here

Spain has transposed the EU Copyright Directive and has included several amendments to the Spanish Copyright Act. Among the most notable highlights of the new act that sparked debate both...

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