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The continuing obligation on arbitrators under the LCAM Arbitration Rules to make disclosures

In May 2020, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched its independent dispute resolution service, the London Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation (LCAM). LCAM’s aim is to...

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Does an arbitration agreement protect a debtor from the threat of liquidation?
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In several Commonwealth jurisdictions, the corporate legislation allows creditors to petition a court to order the winding up of a debtor in circumstances where that debtor is unable to pay ...

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Doing Business in the UK: Consumer Sector 2020

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In a world of economic change, supply chain contracts are impacted Diversified Industrials: Horizons

When it comes to supply chains for complex conglomerates, thorough due diligence is key.

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Reform of the Arbitration Act 1996 and confidentiality: it’s not all about an opt-in Practical Law Arbitration Blog

Ben Hornan and Marie Davoise have written a blog for the Practical Law Arbitration Blog titled Reform of the Arbitration Act 1996 and confidentiality: it’s not all about an opt-in.

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Mitigate the risks you face with supply chain disruption

Supply chain disruption represents a major threat to businesses in the oil and gas industry. Generate your own risk-mitigating report here.


Drilling Rig Contracts – Return to the Status Quo on the Exclusion of Liability for "Spread Costs"

In an important decision for the oilfield services industry, the English Court of Appeal has overturned a Commercial Court decision restricting the scope of risk allocation provisions in...

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Impact of Declining Oil Prices – Issue 6: Litigation

A weekly alert from the Hogan Lovells Oil, Gas, and LNG group on issues impacting the market from on-going oil price volatility.

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