Across topics and issues, borders and industries, we have the thought leadership you need to stay ahead of changes in the law.

Across topics and issues, borders and industries, we have the thought leadership you need to stay ahead of changes in the law.

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Cheaper in-app purchases... tempting but what is at stake?

Mobile applications are becoming indispensable in our daily lives and businesses. There are many ways to monetize a game app – through showing ads, offering free trials, income from...


China's IP Court of Appeal sheds light on Plant Variety Rights in milestone SanHong pomelo case

China's IP Court of Appeal has recently handed down an important and long-awaited judgment in the SanHong pomelo Plant Variety Right ("PVR") infringement case. The judgment...

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Parity with international regulators? Hong Kong Competition Commission proposes to accept MFN commitments Global Regulatory Alert

On 31 March 2020 the Hong Kong Competition Commission (HKCC) commenced a public consultation on the commitments offered by three online travel agents (OTAs) to remove certain parity clauses ...


China: looking back at 2019's main IP developments and looking forward at what 2020 may bring

2019 was an eventful year in the Chinese IP landscape, with a large number of major developments shaking up existing practice, and with important overhauls of laws and regulations. So far,...

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Trending topics in retail and fashion

The retail and fashion industries may be transforming at a rapid pace, but the Hogan Lovells Retail and Fashion Group will make sure you are on-trend. We have created a Hot Topics Toolkit...


Dust unsettled? China's Supreme Court refines OEM jurisprudence in ground-breaking Honda judgment

The Chinese Supreme People's Court ("SPC") recently handed down its latest judgment on whether Original Equipment Manufacturing ("OEM") may constitute trademark...


Be ready for re-filing your trademarks in Myanmar

Following the issuance of the Myanmar Trademark Law No. 3/2019 on 30 January 2019, there will be a six-month "Soft Opening" period estimated to be inaugurated by the end of...


Shanghai court innovates with punitive damages for trademark infringement: IP owners can aim higher
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The Shanghai Pudong District Court has recently handed down a remarkable judgment, awarding punitive damages equal to 3 times the proven damages to a foreign sportswear company, and fully...

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