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Fourth Circuit: Safeco defense applies to FCA claims and dooms Medicaid best price qui tam

In a split decision issued January 25, 2022, the Fourth Circuit strongly endorsed a defense to False Claims Act liability for entities that submit claims to the government in today’s...


FCA- Courts and Congress focus on which regulatory or contract violations give rise to FCA liability
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“The False Claims Act is not an all-purpose antifraud statute, or a vehicle for punishing garden-variety breaches of contract or regulatory violations”—so declared a...

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FCA Guide: 2019 and the road ahead Hogan Lovells

The pace of False Claims Act (FCA) litigation remained furious over the past year. Companies (and individuals) in all sectors of the economy continue to face the ever-present threat of FCA...

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DOJ embraces a more realistic position on corporate cooperation Westlaw

As a result of policy changes implemented in November 2018, government attorneys now have more discretion to award cooperation credit to a corporation that meaningfully assists the...

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DOJ aims for good, not perfect: Our view of the updated corporate cooperation policy False Claims Act

Government attorneys now have additional discretion in False Claims Act (FCA) civil cases to award cooperation credit to a corporation that meaningfully assists the government’s...

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California Department of Insurance emerges in kickback enforcement

A US$1.2 billion complaint against a global pharmaceutical company has brought increased attention to the California Department of Insurance's unique enforcement statute: the Insurance...

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Life sciences and health care horizons

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False Claims Act: A Year in Review 2016

The False Claims Act (FCA) today bears little resemblance to the law President Lincoln signed 154 years ago to stop con artists from selling the U.S. Army gun powder barrels filled with saw ...

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OIG releases revised and expanded self-disclosure protocol Health Alert

On April 17, 2013, the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (OIG) released a revised self-disclosure protocol (SDP) that significantly overhauls the...

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