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UK: Fast tracking the fast track: reforms to the nationally significant infrastructure consenting regime

Having tabled sweeping reforms to the planning system in the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill (see related publications) the government has turned its attention to speeding up the...


UK compulsory purchase of land regime – key reforms in the making?
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“The current law of compulsory purchase of land is difficult to locate, complicated to decipher and elusive to apply. The case for its reform is overwhelming and has been recognised...


The Right to Buy extension – third time lucky?

In times of strife politicians like to have a sheaf of oven-ready policies in their back pocket in case they need a positive headline. It came as little surprise, then, when the Prime ...


UK Levelling-Up and Regeneration Bill: IL, CIL and our old friend Section 106

In this, the second instalment of our series on the Levelling-Up and Regeneration Bill (the "Bill"), we take a look at the government's proposed reforms to the funding and...


Use Class E – here to stay another day

In the midst of a news cycle the government will otherwise want to forget, the Court of Appeal handed down its long anticipated decision in the challenge to the changes to the Use Classes...


Environment Act finally gets Royal Assent: though new requirements on development are yet to bite

Appearing in three Queen’s speeches, and then carried over a number of different parliamentary sessions, the Environment Bill was at last given Royal Assent on 9 November 2021....


The costs of cladding - UK Treasury comes down hard on developers with new residential property tax

Rishi Sunak’s Autumn Budget has confirmed the new residential property developer tax will be charged at 4% on residential developer profits over £25m from April 2022. The...

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