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‘A sign of the fines’ – CMA imposes record fine for breaches of IEO

The CMA has imposed a record fine on an Irish trading software supplier for alleged breaches of a ‘hold separate order’ in relation to the completed purchase of a US rival. This ...


The seeds are planted… European Commission outlines its view on antitrust and the “Green Deal”

“Green competition law”, one of the most important topics in contemporary competition policy, is starting to take more shape in the EU.


China Antitrust Column – August 2021
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Traditionally August isn’t the busiest month for Chinese antitrust enforcement. This year is no exception. But that doesn’t mean that Chinese antitrust regulators weren’t...


Competition and consumer policy reforms: power to the CMA

On 20 July 2021, the government launched a consultation containing substantial proposals that could herald the most important reform of the UK competition regime in 25 years and represent...


Huya/Douyu and Tencent/China Music Group – a “new normal” for Chinese merger control?
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Two developments in the last two weeks show a changed landscape in the Chinese merger control arena: on 10 July, SAMR issued its decision prohibiting the merger between Huya and Douyu; on...


Proposed UK competition law reforms – ‘he ain’t heavy, he’s my micro-economic sibling’

In what could herald the most significant changes to the UK competition regime in 25 years, the UK Government has announced a series of proposed reforms to UK competition law...


‘Sending out an SMS’ – UK proposes powers for regulating digital markets

The UK Government is consulting on proposed powers for the recently launched Digital Markets Unit. This is a significant juncture in the reconfiguration of the post-Brexit regulatory...


President Biden issues sweeping Executive Order to promote competition

On 9 July 2021 President Biden signed a far-reaching executive order intended to promote competition in the American economy. The order targets perceived corporate consolidation and...


Revision of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law to close “loopholes” in anti-cartel enforcement

Companies doing business in China need to anticipate stricter anti-cartel enforcement in the near future. Recently released legislative plans suggest an amendment of the Anti-Monopoly Law...

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