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Digital Transformation Notes | February 2023

Just over a month into the new year, 2024 has already been packed with legislative activities in the field of digital transformation and, in particular, on AI.


A bumpy ride: Robert Gardener and Aaron Cutler on the approaching UK and US elections

Ahead of the release of our FIS Horizons 2024, we share Robert Gardener and Aaron Cutler’s conversation on the upcoming elections this year. Listen below.


Digital Transformation Notes | December 2023

November has been another intense month in terms of digital technology regulation - with the Bletchley Declaration concluding the UK-hosted AI Safety Summit; the OECD's proposal for a...


GRPA Hot Topic One-Pager: Staring at a U.S. shutdown

With a government shutdown looming overhead, companies need to be aware of how their industries may be affected. Government employees may only provide minimal service, government contracts...


Digital Transformation Newsletter | November 2023: Monthly notes on digital technology and law

Just as society as a whole, businesses of all kinds are steeped in a process of deep digital transformation. The law is particularly important in this context, giving answers to questions...

Insights and Analysis

‘Charting a new course'? Uncertainty for businesses as UK introduces new measures to depart from EU case law
Registered Content

The UK legal system is about to be changed fundamentally by the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Act 2023 (the "2023 Act"). From 1 January 2024, UK courts will...


Technology policy’s next big challenge: Divergent approaches to regulating AI

The rapid growth of AI and its ramifications for nearly all aspects of society and the economy is placing increasing pressure on the U.S. and European governments to proactively set...

Insights and Analysis

Knowing me, knowing MoU: UK Government reaches agreement on parliamentary scrutiny of NSI regime

The highly anticipated Memorandum of Understanding on scrutiny of the Investment Security Unit (“ISU”) between the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee...


A conversation with Director of Government Affairs Robert Gardener

In this Q&A, our Director of Government Affairs Robert Gardener shares insights into his role within the wider Public Law and Policy team to enrich legal strategies with a UK public...

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