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AI Ads & Deepfake Celebs & Misleading Claims, Oh My! – United States

The explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) offerings and integrations in recent years has sent sepia-toned twentieth-century legal doctrines scrambling to keep up with decidedly...

Insights and Analysis

Webinar: Data protection in the Middle East and Africa feat. Nigerian Data Protection Commissioner

The "new normal" of global data protection regulation is becoming increasingly complex. With 37 African countries having a comprehensive data protection legal framework and the...


The EU AI Act: an impact analysis (part 1)

In December 2023, political agreement was reached by EU policy makers on all substantive aspects of the EU Artificial Intelligence Act. Since then, the close-to-final text of this...


The sorcerer’s apprentice conundrum: Generative AI content under the EU DSA and UK Online Safety Act

“My lord, my need is sore! Spirits that I've cited my commands ignore.” Are today’s AI solutions like Goethe’s bewitched broomsticks – which the...


Hong Kong: Amended Television and Radio Codes of Practice

The Communications Authority of Hong Kong has recently amended the Television and Radio Codes of Practice on Programme and Advertising Standards (“Codes of Practice”). Among...


Public consultation on age verification mechanisms for video sharing platforms - Spain

The Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), the authority in charge of supervision and control of the audiovisual market, has published a public consultation on criteria ...


Avoiding a “Red Card”: 2026 FIFA World Cup focus of new joint competition law enforcement initiative

On September 22, 2023, the United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”), Federal Economic Competition Commission of Mexico (“COFECE”), and Competition Bureau Canada...


Recap: Consumer Horizons webinar on Artificial Intelligence – Transforming consumer business and reshaping the law

As part of our Consumer Horizons series, we conducted a webinar on the legal implications of artificial intelligence in the consumer business. Our speakers James Denvil, PJ Kaur, Florian...

Insights and Analysis

Online Regulation: Germany’s plans to tackle “digital violence” (and likely other issues, too)
Registered Content

In a recent position paper, German government lawmakers announced their plans to introduce a new law for the online space. The ambitiously titled “Act against Digital Violence”...

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