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Brands lie at the very heart of a company's value, reputation and competitive advantage. Total Brand Care is our  approach to helping you to create, commercialize, and protect your brands by drawing on a wealth of know-how from across different legal specialisms and countries.

It's not just about registering and protecting trademarks. Brands and their value are positively and negatively impacted by a wide range of legal issues. Your approach to marketing may go too far; getting privacy or labeling compliance wrong can incur fines and cost you customers; bad press regarding product liability and anti-trust matters can have a big negative impact on brand value; and inadequate due diligence in M&A activity can cost you more money in the long run.

To keep your brand ahead of the competition these issues shouldn't be tackled in isolation. We can help you to take a holistic approach to all of the challenges facing your brand. 

Our global reach, breadth of practice and collaborative culture uniquely position us to help you on all brand issues. We have award-winning niche practice areas such as intellectual property, product liability, privacy and cybersecurity that set us apart from other big international corporate law firms. Furthermore and most importantly: we will care about your brands as much as you do.

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