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Rule of Law 2030

Why does the Rule of Law matter to Hogan Lovells, our clients and civil society?

Rule of Law 2030 is an evidence based initiative to align our existing Rule of Law Projects with the SDGs and maximise our future impact by collaborating with clients and host governments to implement projects to strengthen the Rule of Law, particularly where it is weak.  With over 2500 lawyers working with clients operating in some of the most challenging jurisdictions, our potential impact is huge.

We are looking for partners who would like to collaborate with us to identify a weakness in the Rule of Law in a jurisdiction where they operate and to design and implement a solution to address this.  This might be by advising the government on streamlining judicial proceedings to reduce delay in the enforcement of contracts; training the judiciary in international law to reduce the instances of arbitrary or discriminatory treatment; or setting up operational level grievance mechanisms to ensure that foreign investors can engage with stakeholders affected by their operations in a meaningful, collaborative and compliant way.

Establishing the rule of law Advisory Board in South Africa

The board is a project of the Free Market Foundation that set as its objective to define the principles of rule of law and then to create a body of knowledge and academic thought on rule of law implementation on cases and legislation in South...

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Comparative research on High Judicial Councils to support the strengthening of the judicial system in Uzbekistan

A team of lawyers across six jurisdictions conducted comparative research for the International Commission of Jurists and the government of Uzbekistan on the mechanisms by which the independence and competence of the judiciary are safeguarded. This ...

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Promoting the rights of same-sex spouses and raising awareness of LGBT+ equality in Hong Kong

Hogan Lovells represented The International Commission of Jurists (the "ICJ") as the Intervener in Leung Chun Kwong v Secretary for the Civil Service and Commissioner of Inland Revenue (HCAL 258/2015), a high profile case concerning the rights of...

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Establishing a platform to teach the rule of law with the South African Council of Churches

Hogan Lovells has established a national platform to teach principles of the rule of law to citizens via the church's program of Anchoring Democracy. The platform is to create dialogues around good governance and service delivery. The main thrust of ...

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Research into the law on non-consensual pornography (for SAHR Strategic Advocacy for Human Rights)

We will advise SAHR Strategic Advocacy for Human Rights by researching legislation and case law on non-consensual pornography to help them understand what criminal and civil laws can provide remedies for non-consensual pornography.

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Modern Slavery Research Project (for Pacific Links and ECPAT UK)

We are doing research on the legal framework for Victims of Trafficking from Vietnam in some European transit countries as well as in the protection systems in each. We are doing research in Poland, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic (in...

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