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Rule of Law 2030

Why does the Rule of Law matter to Hogan Lovells, our clients and civil society?

In its simplest form, the Rule of Law means that "no one is above the law". It is the foundation for the development of peaceful, equitable and prosperous societies. For the Rule of Law to be effective, there must be:

• Equality under the law

• Transparency of law

• An independent judiciary

• Access to legal remedy

We use this formulation, first developed by LexisNexis, as our working definition.

Research into the law on non-consensual pornography (for SAHR Strategic Advocacy for Human Rights)

We will advise SAHR Strategic Advocacy for Human Rights by researching legislation and case law on non-consensual pornography to help them understand what criminal and civil laws can provide remedies for non-consensual pornography.

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Modern Slavery Research Project (for Pacific Links and ECPAT UK)

We are doing research on the legal framework for Victims of Trafficking from Vietnam in some European transit countries as well as in the protection systems in each. We are doing research in Poland, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic (in...

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Obtaining an interdict against the government from developing the Alexandra township in Johannesburg

Hogan Lovells were also engaged through the Free Market Foundation with the land claims for Alexandra township which is a much contested land claim. The firm was successful in the Land Claims Court in obtaining an interdict against the government...

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Advising on a panel aimed at encouraging individuals to disclose instances of corruption in South Africa

In 2016, Hogan Lovells was approached by the general secretary of the South African Council of Churches (SACC) to advise on creating what was termed The Unburdening Panel, a forum that encouraged individuals to disclose instances of corruption that...

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Representing traders who had been removed from their trading posts in Johannesburg inner city

In association with the Free Market Foundation, Hogan Lovells provided legal advice in a class action suit against the City of Johannesburg during what was called 'Operation CleanSweep'. The operation's objective was to remove the informal street...

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Working with the Free Market Foundation in setting up the Rule of Law advisory board in South Africa

During 2016, the Free Market Foundation, acknowledging the need for guidance around the education on the rule of law, set up the Rule of Law Advisory Board which meets quarterly to discuss ways in which, it can assist with upholding the rule of law...

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