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Cybersecurity risk is pervasive. Almost inevitably, your organization will experience a cybersecurity incident -- and with the environment evolving daily, you can’t be too prepared for the aftermath. Your organization can face government investigations, media attention, customer demands, and litigation – circumstances that require careful yet rapid response. Our seasoned Cybersecurity Solutions team helps you every step of the way, adroitly advising on the complex and interrelated impacts of each...

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Our team is focused where business leaders are focused—on practical and comprehensive solutions. Our integrated team of lawyers and technical professionals guide your organization end-to-end, from prevention to planning and response to cyber incidents. We work with you to conduct proactive assessments; train your staff; institute policies and procedures; and help you respond rapidly if an incident occurs. This suite of comprehensive services has been crafted to provide what clients tell us they need at every stage.  Click here for a more in-depth look at how our lawyers and technical professionals help you:  

Assess. Your organization is unique, and so are the issues you face. To help create the right solution, our integrated team of lawyers and technical and risk consultants provides:

• Identification of your threat profile, global legal obligations and risk, and incident and response readiness

• Integrated legal, technical and risk analysis and counseling on industry-specific security and IT risk management obligations, senior leadership duty and care obligations, government procurement requirements, CFIUS, the SAFETY Act, regulated data handling and other regulatory requirements

Prepare. Planning before an incident occurs is crucial to cyber risk management, which is why we offer:

• Development of enterprise-wide response plans and incident response simulations

• Development and facilitation of tabletops and other forms of incident simulations

Respond. Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers and technical professionals is there to prevent you from being overwhelmed in the wake of an incident, through:

• 24/7/365 support and counseling

• Management of breach notification, communications and public relations, law enforcement interactions, and vendor and forensic expert identification

Engage. Leveraging our presence in Washington, D.C. and other major policy centers, we help you with:

• Identification of and interaction with the appropriate law enforcement, regulatory, and other government officials

• Facilitation of multi-company interaction on issues relevant to a broad group of stakeholders

Defend. Our seasoned team’s approach to potentially costly and damaging suits is both strategic and pragmatic. We are experienced in navigating:

• Government investigations, enforcement actions, and litigation

Ready, Set, Respond

From their work counseling clients across the globe, our cross-practice team of cybersecurity lawyers is at the forefront of understanding the tools in-house counsel need to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape. We developed Ready, Set, Respond in order to provide clients with practical and accessible perspectives on some of the challenges we know they face, from testing the strength of their incident response plans to practical and readable summaries of cybersecurity developments in key jurisdictions.

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