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Artificial Intelligence

Virtually every industry is being reshaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI): everything from healthtech, self-driving vehicles, education and smart homes, drones and space. Compliance methods will need to be dynamic. Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers can help anticipate the problems and realise the potential of AI.

Improvements in the technology combined with a growth in available data and computer processing power means we are seeing a rapid increase in the adoption and use of AI (meaning technologies with the ability to perform human-like tasks, such as speech and facial recognition). AI will start to be embedded everywhere, in everything.

These new technologies present a variety of commercial opportunities and the potential to change our daily lives. AI has the ability to solve complex problems and improve productivity. At the same time, there are many legal, commercial and policy challenges that need to be considered across jurisdictions. Who should take responsibility when AI malfunctions or causes harm? What is the legal framework for the use of data by AI? How should bias in the underlying data be managed?

Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers understand the opportunities and the challenges you face in this area. We can help you anticipate the problem areas and realise the full potential of this new technology in your business.

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