Albert Hagovsky

Paralegal Coordinator
Northern Virginia

Make a valued, dynamic contribution

Professional expertise

I’m paralegal coordinator in our Northern Virginia office. I came to the firm after being recruited by a partner with whom I’d worked with at another firm. Today, I work closely with the Litigation practice group and their clients on a variety of matters.

Being a paralegal can be a tough assignment in some firms. Here, I’ve always been treated as an equal part of my practice group’s team. My opinions, ideas, and contributions have always been heard and appreciated by lawyers, fellow paralegals, and assistants. The team atmosphere is really prevalent at Hogan Lovells. Everyone is treated like a professional. Each person’s skills are valued and encouraged.

High-quality opportunities

Support of my career and enhancement of my skill set are alive and well at Hogan Lovells. Training sessions are readily available on monthly basis. Hogan Lovells offers opportunities to learn and grow that I can balance with my day-to-day tasks and caseload.

I had the pleasure of playing a very small role in assisting a group of associates with a pro bono matter that received a lot of local and national press. The firm’s work on this matter helped individuals who were wrongly prosecuted and convicted. Thanks to the firm, they were able to get out of jail after many years of incarceration and have their records cleared. It was a very rewarding experience!

Deep relationships

Clients come first, plain and simple. I’ll do whatever I need to, to help my lawyers help our clients. Our lawyers and the firm’s philosophy seem only to enforce and build my skills when interacting with clients. I’m presented with client interaction in almost every matter I’m involved with. And I’m proud to represent Hogan Lovells with our clients.

I socialize with my colleagues outside the office, and I’ve developed good working relationships and friendships with co-workers. In fact, some of my colleagues are very good friends. I believe this is an accurate barometer of the atmosphere at the firm, and the culture of Hogan Lovells. Here, you’ll find good people who work hard for our clients and develop meaningful, long-lasting friendships and bonds. All the while, we participate in challenging, rewarding work.