Valérie Verner

Marketing and Business Development Manager

Valérie is our marketing and business development manager. Thanks to her previous experience as a sales manager, she is client-focused and an out-of-the box thinker, both qualities we most appreciate.

What attracted you to Hogan Lovells?

I didn't know anything about the law firm sector but I had an inside feedback that Hogan Lovells was pretty special. It raised my interest.

After 10 years in the CPA sector, on a local scale, I needed to learn new things, on a bigger scale and to challenge myself. I got what I wanted!

What’s your day-to-day like?

One day can be very different from another. My job gathers pitching for clients, press coverage, networking management, client events organization, social media visibility, legal directories submissions, etc. any means that can bring visibility and attract clients to the office and network.

The common point is the technical service we provide which is key to understand to communicate efficiently about it.

Is there anything else you feel is important for a perspective employee to know?

One of Hogan Lovells mojo is "performing as a team, no matter where you are". Guess what? It is true!

Team work is everywhere, at the Luxembourg office as across our global network and it is both a great opportunity and such comfortable working conditions. You can learn, get support and inspiration from people wherever they are, whatever title they have and whatever specific competencies they have.

What about working at Hogan Lovells is unique and inspiring?

Team work implies the "thank you" culture for everything because everybody works hands-in-hands with everybody.

The technical expertise of our lawyers is a key element for me as I love learning something new every day.

Endly, I would say my previous experiences were in much smaller companies so with much fewer tools available. Here, I have all means and autonomy to be as creative as I want!

What three words describe the people who work at Hogan Lovells?

Mentor attitude, accessibility, fun.