What we look for

We pride ourselves on the diverse backgrounds of our lawyers, but there are certain traits they all have in common: a sense of initiative, a high level of professionalism, and a commitment to working as a team. If this sounds like you, let’s talk.

What we offer

The benefits we are offer aren’t limited to our competitive salaries. We’re committed to investing in our employees and providing a supportive and collaborative environment for their growth - professionally and personally. Because with us, you’re part of our team, but we always treat you as an individual. Where your career takes you is up to you.

Training and development

We provide unparalleled professional development to nurture talent at all levels. From your first day with us, you’ll have access to a mentor, a personalized development program, and continuing education courses tailored to your team’s areas of focus. Our structured but dynamic career path gives you not only a clear perspective on your future, but also the tools you need to keep moving forward, including the possibility of working for one of our international offices.