U.S./European Telecom regulatory trends impacting the automotive market – What to know now

Today’s vehicles provide more than just transportation – they contain complex digital components, rely on wireless spectrum, and can support communications between humans as well as between vehicles and or roadway infrastructure.

While these types of innovative features and services stand to deliver enormous benefits to consumers, many are accompanied by additional scrutiny from telecom regulators. Stakeholders in today’s automotive industry need to be aware of current and anticipated telecom regulations that can impact their operations and business plans.

Join Katy Milner and Charlotte Le Roux as they discuss the United States and European landscape of telecom regulations and their impact on the automotive industry.

Topics will include radio frequency spectrum and 5G technologies to support connected vehicles, supply chain and equipment authorization considerations, and cybersecurity and privacy. Participants will learn how regulators are approaching these complex questions and identify how to be prepared to meet the compliance challenges that will be faced by the automotive industry today and in the future.

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