UK Employment Webinar: Returning to the workplace after COVID-19

We look forward to welcoming you to our webinar on 28 April 2021. As the economy begins to re-open after the latest national lockdown, employers are having to think about a variety of issues thrown up by the pandemic.

  • Can we require employees to have vaccinations before returning to the workplace?
  • What other testing and monitoring should we put in place for staff?
  • How do we deal with employees who are reluctant to return to the workplace for health and safety reasons?
  • Are there risks of continuing to use a flexible “work where you want” model, particularly if employees are working from abroad?
  • How do we deal with employee holidays, business travel and on-going restrictions on trips overseas?
Our next employment webinar will cover those issues, with speakers from our data privacy team joining us to talk about the relevant data protection implications.

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