Select IP with Hogan Lovells | Webinar no. 19: Cross-over topics: Patent & regulatory topics I

Our 19th session will be on "Cross-over topics: Patent & regulatory topics I". This is the first of a 2-part series that will cover practical, strategic and comparative issues at the intersection of patents and regulatory affairs, including patent and non-patent exclusivities and related topics. We plan to cover these aspects from the perspective of the U.S., the UK and Continental Europe with Dr Frederick Ch'en, Gary L. Veron, Kristin Anne Connarn, Stephen Bennett and Bert Oosting.

There will be a question-and-answer period and you will be able to submit questions online during the webinar. If you would like to send questions in advance (in Japanese or English), please do so through the registration form.

We very much look forward to your attendance.

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Future sessions:

  • The second session of a 2-part series will continue to cover practical, strategic and comparative issues in patent and regulatory. This is being planned for May 2023 and details will be announced in due course.

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